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"Just a small town girl,
living in a lonely world.
She took the midnight train going anywhere"

Yep, that was pretty much me. I was born and bred in Upstate, N.Y. in the middle of nowhere. I come from half Italian (father) and half Portuguese (mother) lineage and was raised with a mind of my own and a voice to make that perfectly clear. I'm not shy in any way, shape or form. I'm known for having a fairly dominant personality.

It was that very same personality that led me out of that tiny town and into California in search of new adventures and a way to leave my mark on the world. After living in the Northern part of the state for a while I once again grew restless and moved to San Diego to see what there was for me there. I soon discovered that I fit right in to the more boisterous atmosphere.

So far I've been doing a lot of modeling ranging from basic Glamor and Boudoir to light fetish and a bit of macabre. I have a deep fondness for all things horror so I tend to excel at things involving those aspects. I've even been in a couple music videos dabbling in that genre. My aspiration is to get into acting and hopefully appear in a horror flick or two. Who knows, I may get my chance someday. I've also had some of my tamer work displayed in local magazines and art galleries.

I'm always up for new adventures (I'm pretty sure I have gypsy blood mixed in me somewhere) so who knows where I'll be next. Maybe under your bed ;)